Corporate & commercial litigation

Corporate & commercial litigation


We assist you at all stages of conflict situations and help you to quickly and efficiently achieve the best possible solutions. Whether it concerns disputes within the company, shareholder disputes, disputes over commercial contracts, (construction) arbitrations or liability issues, you can count on the maximum possible result.


Companies want to prevent disputes in or around the company or with, for example, customers, producers or distributors from blocking the business or hindering the realisation of ambitions. Our decisive action contributes to preventing (further) escalation, reaching a settlement (settlement or settlement agreement) and following the optimal strategy. Should proceedings be unavoidable, we shall conduct proceedings before the courts or in arbitration at the highest level. Your interests are therefore in good hands with us.


Topics on which Sørensen Advocaten’ lawyers are regularly asked for advice include:


# takeover disputes
# shareholder disputes and partnership disputes
# Directors’ liability
# commercial (commercial) practical disputes
# real estate and (installation) construction disputes
# insolvency or impending bankruptcy
# liability and damages
# Seizure


You can also contact us for the assessment of your trial opportunities or second opinions. Therefore, contact us (010-2492444) for the fastest possible, efficient solution in case of (impending) conflicts.