Temporary constructions

A temporary employment contract is a special form of an employment contract. The particular thing is that the worker does not perform his work for his formal employer, namely the temporary employment agency, but for a third party where he is employed.

The law provides for a specific arrangement for temporary employment contracts. This arrangement means that, during the first 26 weeks in which the temporary employment agency has worked, the temporary employment agency and the temporary employment agency can conclude an unlimited number of employment contracts. In addition, they may, for the same period, agree that the employment contract will automatically end if the borrower terminates cooperation with the temporary worker (the so-called temporary employment clause).
After a period of 26 weeks, the normal arrangement for employment contracts will apply, unless otherwise provided for by the COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT. In practice, all employment agencies are bound by a collective agreement, namely the ABU CAO or the NBBU COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT in which rules have been agreed that offer more scope than the legislation.


We advise temporary employment agencies, employers and letting parties on the aspects that need to be taken into account in a temporary employment arrangement.