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Sørensen Advocaten is a partnership of independently operating (practice) companies of lawyers.

We are interested in colleagues with their own practice who want to practice for their own account through our partnership. We operate a “plug & play” system in which a furnished room, consultation room, parking space, secretariat, ICT facilities and all office supplies are freely available to the affiliated partners for a fixed low amount per year. Will you be our new colleague?

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Student interns

We are looking for student interns with an interest in employment law and/or corporate law. A student internship of preferably two months is possible for university students of Dutch law in the final phase of their bachelor’s or master’s phase. Are you interested in a student internship at Sørensen Advocaten? Send an email to Mr. Yvonne Sørensen ( ) and we will contact you.


My internship at Sørensen Lawyers was very educational and valuable. During the internship, you will work closely with two attorneys on a variety of cases. This allowed me to experience many different aspects of employment law in a short period of time. The shared lunch each day also provided plenty of socializing. All in all, two very fun and educational months!”

Iris Verhoeven (student intern May/June 2022)


During the months of February and March 2022, I had the opportunity to do an internship at Sørensen Lawyers. From the beginning of the internship period, I was directly involved in the ongoing business. For me, the internship constituted a real ”look behind the scenes” of the employment law profession. It was an extremely educational experience, where I was introduced to the challenges within a consulting and litigation practice. I found my internship period to be extremely enjoyable, in addition to the hard work, I was able to laugh a lot in the office. In short, I would like to thank everyone at Sørensen Lawyers once again for the instructive but above all pleasant internship period.

Jesse van der Wallen (student intern February/March 2022)


“I did an internship at Sørensen Advocaten for a period of two months. In these two months I learned a lot about employment law and the legal profession in practice. As a student intern you are fully included in cases and expected to think along. You don’t just stick to writing notes, you can prepare draft advice and provide support with draft legal documents. I have learned a lot from this and this is valuable for my further career. Thank you Sørensen Advocaten for this opportunity!”

Annefleur de Witte (student intern August/September 2021)


“After taking the Employment Law course during my bachelor’s degree, I really wanted to take a look at practice. During my internship I came into contact with many different parts of employment law. At Sørensen Advocaten, a lot of time and attention is devoted to all aspects of employment law. business and as an intern you contribute to this by doing legal research.In the two months internship I learned a lot and through critical remarks I have developed myself further.The experiences I have gained here come daily during my master I can wholeheartedly recommend an internship at Sørensen Advocaten to any student!”

Daniëlle Quist (student intern May/June 2021)


In the summer of 2020 I did an internship at Sørensen Advocaten. This was a super fun and educational experience! As a student trainee at Sørensen Advocaten, you are fully involved right from the start. This really gives you the opportunity to see a lot of the legal profession and employment law in a short time. During my internship, for example, I was able to become acquainted with both advisory and litigation practice. As a student intern, you are fully involved in a case, which means that you not only write notes, but sometimes you are also allowed to draw up draft procedural documents or draft advice. I also regularly attended hearings. It really is the way to gain practical experience! The experiences I gained during my internship are still valuable every day. In addition to this practical experience, it is also a very nice office to do an internship. The joint lunch creates a good and social atmosphere, so that you also get to know each other better outside the workplace. I can recommend an internship at Sørensen Advocaten for any student who would like to gain valuable practical experience in a fun environment!

Puck van Genuchten (student intern July/August 2020)


The internship I did at Sørensen Advocaten was not only educational, but also a lot of fun! During my internship I was able to experience many aspects of employment law and the legal profession up close. In addition, the atmosphere in the office is very open and warm. I also experienced the daily lunches and the personal contact as very pleasant. In short, I am grateful to Sørensen Advocaten for the opportunity they have given me.”

Bianca Verloop (student intern November/December 2019)


”I had the opportunity to do an internship at Sørensen Advocaten for two months. During my internship, I gained a lot of practical experience and theoretical knowledge in a short time. On the first day I was already presented with a file. One of the lawyers gave a brief explanation and then it was up to me to deal with the legal issue. In addition to conducting legal research, I was also allowed to attend client meetings. It was interesting to witness both the beginning and the completion of a case. In addition, it was very nice to see that notes, advice and procedural documents drawn up by me were used in current cases. I would like to thank Sørensen Advocaten for this instructive period!”

Sharon Jongenelen (student intern August/October 2019)


“For my HBO Law study, I was able to do an internship at Sørensen Advocaten for 5 months. This period has been very instructive in many ways. Thanks to the guidance I received, I was able to develop myself in several areas. Because of the open atmosphere at the office I quickly felt at ease and dared to ask any question I had immediately. I would like to thank Sørensen Advocaten for the great internship period!”

Annelise van den Broeke (student intern March/July 2019)



In the two months that I did an internship at Sørensen Advocaten, I learned a lot about employment law. Both in terms of content and practicality, I have gained a lot of knowledge from Mrs. Sørensen and Mrs. Kapel.

As a student intern I was involved in everything. I found it especially interesting to see how, for example, a dismissal went from the first interview to the court. In addition, I really liked to see that what I had selected was really used because it was used, for example, to explain something to the client. All in all, two very instructive and fun months!

Romy Asmus (student intern November/December 2018)



The internship I did at Sørensen Advocaten over the past two months was incredibly instructive. I have learned many new things about employment law, things that I can put to good use in my own daily life as well as in my career. I found it special to see how in practice a suitable solution is sought from a problem. I also learned a lot about my own abilities, shortcomings and interests. And last but not least, I really enjoyed the court visits and cozy lunches, they really gave me a family feeling! A fun and instructive two months. Thank you Sørensen Advocaten for this opportunity!

Romy de Galan (student intern September/October 2018)



I was allowed to work with Sørensen Advocaten for two months. it was two instructive months, during which I had direct contact with the two employment lawyers. On my first day, I was immediately presented with a file, in which I had to solve a legal problem. During the two months I was involved in everything and my opinion was asked and valued.

There is a pleasant working atmosphere, I could always contact both Mrs. Sørensen and Mrs. Kapel with my questions.
I have experienced their guidance as pleasant and educational .”

Kim Bennink (student intern July/August 2018)