Drafting commercial contracts

Drafting commercial contracts

Our creative legal support contributes to the success of businesses’ operations. We use our expertise to make the legal risks of commercial decisions manageable and prevent future conflicts. This will save your company valuable time, negative energy and money.


Our lawyers have extensive experience in reviewing, negotiating and recording commercial arrangements (drafting agreements). Consider appointments in the areas of:


# (international) commercial contractscommercial contracts
# joint ventures and other partnerships
# production, purchase and supply contracts
# franchise, agency & distribution
# construction & engineering (design & build, turnkey, EPC, UAV-GC, Fidic etc.)
# rental and (commercial) real estate
# licenses (intellectual property)
# IT contracts & privacy
# general terms and conditions
# money loan, collateral & (bank) guarantees
# intent agreements (letter of intent / memorandum of understanding etc.)


We also advise on a wide variety of contract law issues, such as the early termination of negotiations, the (legal) position of contracting parties and termination of (term) agreements, as well as situations in which agreements are not fulfilled (breach of contract, dissolution and damages). In short, we help you further with respect to all topics that affect the business of a company.

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