Contract of assignment

Contract of assignment

An agreement of contract is an agreement in which two parties agree that one party executes an assignment (contractor) for the other party (client).


An assignment should include performing a task, such as selling a house by a real estate agent. The consideration for carrying out the contract is the payment of the agreed fee to the client, who provides an invoice with VAT.



An contract of contract differs in several relevant points from the employment contract.

  1. The contract of contract can be easily terminated by termination.
  2. There is no payment for sickness and no right to holiday pay or paid holiday.
  3. No wage is paid and the client does not have to withhold contributions and pay them to the tax authorities.

The purpose of the contract or an employment contract depends on the intention of the parties to enter into the agreement, the text of the agreement and the actual implementation of the agreement. It is particularly important that there is no relationship of authority in the event of an agreement of contract. This means in practice that the degree of control of the client over the contractor is limited. Although agreements can of course be made on the precise task that is carried out, the client does not maintain constant supervision in the event of an contract agreement and the contractor has a certain degree of freedom. Furthermore, an important difference is that in the case of a contract, the contractor may be replaced by another, whereas in the case of an employment contract the employee has to perform the work personally.


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