When establishing an employment contract, it is advisable to make arrangements for possible future scenarios.


May be considered for a probation clause and a competition or relationship clause. But it is also important to make good agreements on remuneration schemes, such as overtime compensation, bonus schemes, option clauses and the like, and to record those agreements in a clear way.


Obligation of cancellation

There is a requirement for employment contracts for a period of half a year or more. This means that, at the latest one month before the employment contract terminates, the employer must notify the employee in writing whether the employment contract will be continued and, if this is the case, under what conditions. In the non-or not timely manner, an employer owes a remuneration to the employee.


Trial period

Fixed-term employment contracts of six months or less may not include a probationary period clause. We are happy to assist you in drawing up a sustainable probation a time clause.


Chain arrangement

Three fixed-term contracts may be entered into within a period of three years. After an interval of more than half a year, a new chain starts.


Our lawyers advise on the terms of employment and the written commitment thereof when entering into the employment contract. Even during the term of the employment contract, we have already agreed to subject working conditions to a legal test. We are also happy to draw up a WAB-proof contract for you.