Column Advocacy2023: Talent show

Column Advocacy2023: Talent show

Talent show

Recently, Yvonne wrote a column for Advocacy 2023:

For us as a small office, attracting the right colleagues is hugely important. Not only because of the execution of the work in practice but also for the social aspect: the conviviality in the office. In our practice, personal attention to clients is important in addition to in-depth knowledge of the field of law.

In recruiting the right personnel, we use the following resources.

1. An attractive work environment with a nice working atmosphere and fun colleagues. We have a modern building from which we perform our work. There is lots of light, large windows, lots of wood and art.

2. The working conditions we offer are optimal. We are at the upper end of the market. After all, those who work well must earn well.

3. We talk a lot with our employees to hear what they care about. We invest in (postgraduate) education and training. On the contrary, another wants modified working hours or more vacation days. We offer a customized benefits package.

4. The most important resource for our talent showcase involves student internships. We have a student intern in house almost continuously. Internships last 2 months and the best students stay on as legal assistants. After graduation, the best legal assistants receive an offer to join the firm as an attorney intern. For example, the student internship gives both the student and us the opportunity to see for 2 months if it clicks to the point that an employment relationship will result. We have a partnership with the Rotterdam School of Law at Erasmus University. Many of the student interns who have interned with us go on to enter the master’s program in labor law at the Erasmus School of Law. There is a rigorous selection process for that program and a good internship evaluation from Sørensen Lawyers is definitely a plus during the application.

5. Furthermore, we use social media in our talent show. In particular, we use LinkedIn and Facebook to promote our job postings. It has been found that in this way we can reach, relatively easily and quickly, potential candidates.

6. We are an informal organization and application processes are therefore very fast. After 1 or 2 interviews, we usually know enough for our decision-making on a candidate.

7. Finally, the lawyers associated with our firm have a large network from which there are regular offers of personnel.

If you would like to know more, please contact Yvonne Sørensen. Call: 010-2492444

Yvonne Sørensen