Terms and conditions Sørensen Advocaten

Terms and conditions Sørensen Advocaten


Sørensen Advocaten is a cooperative of independently operating (practice) companies of lawyers, including the Sørensen Advocaten partnership. Sørensen Advocaten is based in Rotterdam.

Terms and conditions Sørensen Advocaten

The (practical) companies affiliated to the grouping provide their services exclusively for their own account and risk, to which the services always applied by the respective (practice) company. Only lawyers who are (in)direct shareholders of these (practical) companies can be designated as partners of the sørensen Advocaten partnership. However, they act solely on the account and risk of their respective (practical) companies and together do not form a partnership or company under firm.


These terms and conditions apply to all assignments (including any additional or follow-up assignments) that Sørensen Advocaten carries out or executes for or on behalf of the Client, if and to the extent that cases accepted by Sørensen Advocaten are dealt with by the lawyers yvonne Sørensen and/or Karlijn Kapel who are affiliated with her. Applicability of the Client’s terms and conditions is excluded.


Regardless of the intention of the Client and regardless of any agreement between the Client and a person of course, who is affiliated with Sørensen Advocaten regarding the method of execution of an assignment to be awarded, all assignments are only accepted and executed by the B.V. of the lawyer concerned. The applicability of Articles 7:404 BW and 7:407 paragraph 2 BW is excluded.


Sørensen Advocaten is free to use the services of third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Auxiliary Persons”) at his discretion if this is conducive to the proper execution of the contract. Costs associated with the involvement of these Auxiliaries will be passed on to the Client. The liability of the (measures of the) Sørensen Lawyers for the action or omission of auxiliary persons engaged by it is excluded.


The liability of Sørensen Advocaten is limited to the amount paid in the case in question under the (professional) liability insurance of the B.V. of the lawyer concerned, plus the excess which, according to the policy, remains on behalf of the lawyer. At the request of the Client, the relevant insurance policy will be provided at the premises of Sørensen Advocaten.


The Client shall safeguard Sørensen Advocaten and all natural persons and legal persons directly or indirectly linked to Sørensen Advocaten against all possible claims by third parties directly or indirectly related to or arising from the work carried out or carried out by Sørensen Advocaten for the Client. All costs incurred by Sørensen Advocaten in connection with third-party claims will be reimbursed by the Client to Sørensen Advocaten.


Prior to matters for private Clients, an advance is levied. In addition to the agreed hourly fee, the Client will be charged for advances and sales tax with a specified note. Any advances paid by the Client can be settled at any time by Sørensen Advocaten with outstanding declarations. Any remaining advances will be settled against the final declaration. The remaining amount will be refunded to the Client. Declarations are subject to a period of 14 days. In the absence of payment after the payment period has been met, the Client is in default without the need for default and Sørensen Advocaten and/or the practice company concerned is entitled to charge statutory interest (to individuals) and commercial interest (to companies) and to take the necessary measures to satisfy the outstanding declaration.


Sørensen Advocaten has a complaints scheme and has an internal complaints officer (Mr. E.M.Y. Sørensen). Complaints that cannot be resolved internally are submitted to the Legal Profession Disputes Committee. The complaints system will be sent to you at your request.


These terms and conditions are set in both The Dutch and English languages. In interpreting disputes, the Dutch version is decisive.

The legal relationship between Sørensen Advocaten and the Client is the use of Dutch law. Disputes will be settled by the competent court in Amsterdam.


These terms and conditions are listed on the website of Sørensen Advocaten: www.sorensenadvocaten.nl


January 2019