Labour law

Labour law

The expertise of Sorensen Lawyers

  • termination Right

    Dismiss someone or have been resigned? We help

  • Reorganisation

    A reorganisation or merger must be well prepared and implemented; What should one think about?

  • Contract

    All the pitfalls when drafting the employment contract, do it right now.

  • Competition

    In many individual employment contracts and working conditions, a restriction is included

  • CAO Law

    The interpretation and application of a CAO can lead to difficult legal discussions in practice.

  • Transition of Enterprise

    By taking over activities, personnel and/or machinery and inventory or customers, there may be a transition from enterprise

  • Contract of assignment

    Contract of assignment is similar to an employment contract, but is not entirely the same

  • Right of participation

    The works council should be asked to advise on complex decisions

  • Social Security Law

    Many changes and also employers are often involved in social security issues